Smart Car Keys


Smart key is an intelligent electronic key-less unit that allows the driver to start the vehicle. The Smart Key is detected by close proximity to

Honda Accord Smart Key

the car’s several antennas. Like other car keys, syncing / programming of the actual key fob would be necessary in order for the smart key to work properly for the vehicle. Our Oakland auto locksmiths perform the car key programming procedure on the spot, at the vehicle.


Intelligent Smart Key systems have no actual ignition lock cylinder. Starting the car will be done by pressing the “Push to start” button. Some BMW, Toyota & Nissan cars are equipped with a smart key slot to to “rest” the actual key. In case your key fob battery died and the car doesn’t recognized your key any longer – you’d need to stick the key fob in the slot to start the engine.


Nowadays, almost every car manufacture has a line of smart, push to start key fob vehicles. We have in stock every key fob required to start your vehicle. No need for an expensive, inconvenient trip to the local dealership. Auto Locksmith Oakland can get you back on the road with a new key fob replacement for every car out there.

One of the most popular car equipped with a smart key system is the Toyota Prius. The Smart Key is featured with an attached remote.

Replacement Smart Keys Mazda 3

By clicking the remote control you gain access to the car. If the battery died – you should be able to stick the smart key in the electronic ignition slot to crank it.

If you are in need of a replacement key fob or just requiring of an additional smart key made give us a call (510) 978-4411 for your proximity key fob replacement & programming.